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About Me - Irish Born, Leitrim Bred but Reared in Nature!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Wash your Troubles away in Nature and Feel What it's Like to Smile a Real Smile!

Me, Tango (my dog) and my drone want to take you on a journey that you’ll never forget – I have no doubt it will change your life.

Get ready to come with me and smile like you never smiled before!

Nature is a special and major part of my life. It creates a powerful hunger in me – a hunger for life and a hunger for living my best life. The funny thing about it is it shows me exactly how to do this I just have to be in the middle of it for the magic to happen!

I become part of nature! I fully believe that I completely connect with the animals. Its like they know me, and I know them!

When I put my boots on - I change! It's like a nature switch goes off in my body. My mind races and I think – where or what am I going to witness today? as I get ready to go on an adventure into the unknown.

My latest passion and drive is sharing it all with you and bringing you on an amazing life-changing journey!

Every time I escape to nature and the outdoors I see something special, I learn something new and I never feel more ALIVE! This blog is about me sharing these experiences with you. Showing you how nature has saved me, made me someone I am proud of and how being in the middle of it and discovering wildlife makes me feel like I am on top of the world!! I want you to feel that feeling!

My friends would describe me as confident, passionate, caring and completely mad. I like to think of myself as a protector of nature, I am both its student and a teacher. I like nothing more than to share all that is amazing about nature and see other people reap the benefits that I have.

It all started from the moment I could walk. From when I was nearly 2 I have walked alongside my father who mentored and taught me through his passion for the outdoors. Since then, twenty eight years later, and after many a wet and often cold morning and long treks, my passion has evolved and helped me reach some personal summits that have completely changed my life.

When I am out there I feel am a part of the wild and it is a part of me!

I am always mesmerised when I witness the amazing beauty of nature. How every time I escape into nature I re-connect with myself and become my happiest self. I have dedicated most of my free time travelling all over Ireland and mounting its most iconic peaks. Travelling and adventuring the rest of the world is also my passion, I am always eager to learn new things about nature. I have hiked some of the greatest mountains in the world, meeting wildlife and amazing humans on every adventure I take part in.

Its called the ‘great outdoors’ for a reason, I intend to show you why!

You will soon realise when you get up close and personal with the animals how special and amazing they are and you will learn how and why they interact with nature the way they do!

You might be thinking I sound like I am extremely fit and can fly up these mountains and peaks in record time, you might consider to yourself ‘can I do this?’ Of course, you can! That’s the great thing about nature. It is there for everyone of all types and fitness. Every trip I take with someone I take them on an adventure that suits their physical ability. There is nothing I love more than being with good people, sharing these experiences and giving them a real sense of accomplishment. You will understand exactly where you are through my storytelling of the nature around you. This story constantly changes depending on so many things that particular spot you are standing in, the time of year, the hour of the day and the weather… The scenery we have here on this little Island is breath-taking, early mornings at sunrise is one of the best times for anyone’s mind and soul. The sounds of wildlife and the smell of nature here are something that we cannot forget.

Chasing waterfalls is a huge part of me, I always say,

‘Take time to allow water to take all the bad days away’.

I believe the sound of water is an amazing healer, waterfalls provide healing on a whole another level. I can show you how to take in the healing benefits and let it wash away all your worries, fears and how you can feel good again. As part of this discovery, there is an option to go on a kayak, enjoy a spot of fishing along the way to realize the hidden gems that lie in Ireland's amazing lakes and rivers. Some people think that forests and woods are scary, but they are so full of life with so much depth of nature, different types of trees that all have their own story to tell, wildflowers that speak for the landscape. Come with me and I would love nothing more than to share my knowledge of these amazing treasures that lie deep within. When it comes to the animals I want to show you all the different animal's footprints and droppings, what they can tell about the animal and the place you are in and how even droppings are unique to every animal in the wild.

It’s very important to feel comfortable, and with me, I can guarantee you will never feel more yourself and safe.

Every day is a learning day with me, and I want to bring you on an amazing journey. My first advice is based on your safety, I will tell you exactly what to wear and bring on these crazy adventures. I believe I am extremely different from most. I am passionate, kind and I am an honest man to which I completely owe to nature.

Why am I doing this? It's very simple; I want to help you, I want to share my story and my own experience of my hard times, and most importantly to meet amazing people, like you.

Showing you in one short adventure how nature and the outdoors can make everything better and often bring you back to life.

I will show you what it really feels like to smile a real smile!

Irish Born, Leitrim Bred but Reared in Nature!

Photos by Paul Rooney @paulrooney90

A fresh Sunday morning hike across The Burren, County Clare, 7/March/2021

The Burren National Park is a very rare place in Ireland known as the ‘Fertile Rock’, that’s approximately 1500 hectares in size. It contains examples of all the major habitats within the Burren. Like a huge limestone pavement with calcareous grassland, hazel scrub, ash/hazel woodland, turloughs, lakes, petrifying springs, cliffs and fen.


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jhon mith
jhon mith
Jul 03

About Me - Irish Born, Leitrim Bred but Reared in Nature! Proud of my roots and love for the great outdoors, I cherish every moment spent in the beauty of nature. nationals jacket Embracing the best of both worlds, from the lush landscapes of Leitrim to the wild wonders of nature.

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