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Glencar Waterfall, Leitrim and Devils Chimney, Sligo (Walk)

Distance Glencar Car Park to Glencar Waterfall 0.5 km and to Devil's Chimney 1.9 km

Level low with walking trail

Duration 2 hours

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​Come with me on an adventure chasing some of Ireland's most famous waterfalls (Glencar Waterfall, Leitrim and Devil's Chimney, Sligo). This is a trip to remember, one of the waterfalls can even flow backwards and is Ireland’s highest. I will show you and explain how nature and wildlife depend on these natural resources and how this beautiful ecosystem connects and thrives.  There is so much more to enjoy on this incredible adventure with me.

Glencar Waterfall

Glencar Waterfall is a beauty to behold and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland standing at 92ft.  This beautiful waterfall is trapped in trees gushing its water out of the face of the rock before it slams into a pool of sheer, crystal clear water. You will start this tour first by looking over the huge and stunning Glencar Lough surrounded by a valley of mountains. From the beginning of the pathway, you can see this rush of water coming out of the Sligo Mountain at the end of a lovely wooded track, with footpaths right up to it and small waterfalls along the way.  

Devil's Chimney Waterfall

The next stop is Devil's Chimney. Devils Chimney is Ireland's highest waterfall. I will take you to on a hill walk leading up to Devils Chimney (only 1.9 km from Glencar Waterfall) which takes approx 1 hour up and 45 mins down.  It's a boarded hill walk covered in an easy gravel track. We can even get underneath the waterfall and look up and see how high it actually is. There is so much nature on the way, birds, insects, wildflowers...I can't wait to show you and tell you all about their magnificence. 

Add On Another Tour 

Benbulben Forest Walk, Sligo (Walk)

You can add on my other tour which is Benbulben Forest Walk onto this trip, just 20 mins away. This takes an additional 2 hours. 

Click here for more information on Glencar Waterfall.

(Please note this is only some additional information. You will not find my adventures online. They are designed by me with you in mind. Expect some surprises along the way!)


This tour takes 2 Hours

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