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Eagles Rock, Glenade, Leitrim (Hike)

Distance 5 km hike

Level Moderate

Duration 4-8 Hours Full Day

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If you’re looking to explore something truly unique in Leitrim, this is one of those hikes. You’ll discover amazing hidden gems, hear surprising stories, see animals roam their natural habitat and leave feeling like you've had the time of your life.

We will get to hike to the top and look over some of the most amazing views you will ever see. Expect to see panoramic views of Donegal Bay, Mullaghmore on a clear day.  Witness beautiful Irish animals such as wild Irish hares, ravens, foxes, deer.  Hike the famous Truskmore Mountain Mast and the unique stone walls that border Leitrim and Sligo.  The most memorable part of this tour is the stunning, majestic Eagle's Rock, which is actually shaped like an Eagle. 

Add On Another Tour 

Arroo Trail, Dartry Summit & Tin Whistle Lake, Glenade, Leitrim (Hike)

I have two trips in this area, the other is Arroo Trail, Dartry Summit & Tin Whistle Lake, Glenade, Leitrim (Hike). Book two days with me if you want to go on both tours.

For more information on Eagles Rock, Click Here

(Please note this is only some additional information. You will not find my adventures online. They are designed by me with you in mind. Expect some surprises along the way!)


This tour takes a Full-Day (4-8 Hours)

MUDDY SOULS  Pricelist FINAL - Full Day.
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