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Get ready to check out the best trails and walks in Ireland with me. Bring a friend or your family and join me for an incredible adventure exploring Ireland's best natural locations that will take your breath away. I promise to bring you on an experience of a lifetime. I do bookings for individuals, couples, groups and families. I customise all my adventures to your specific needs and my list of locations is endless. You just say where and I will organise, all you have to do is enjoy it!

You can book 2 hours, a half-day, full-day or 2 days or whatever amount of time you need me for.  The maximum I can take is 10 people. I even have a special rate for kids, students and the elderly. I can accommodate all fitness levels, whether it is your first time or if you are advanced in fitness.

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Eagles Rock, Glenade, Leitrim (Hike)

If you’re looking to explore something truly unique in Leitrim then this is one of those hikes. You’ll discover amazing hidden gems, hear surprising stories, see animals roam their natural habitat and leave feeling like you've had the time of your life.


Arroo Trail, Dartry Summit & Tin Whistle Lake, Glenade, Leitrim (Hike)

You could explore new places on your own but you’d miss out on so much without learning and taking in what story nature is trying to tell you! That's what I'm here for, to take you on an unreal journey where you will learn things you never knew and discover panoramic views of Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal Bay, Wild Atlantic Way and more.  I am a highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional Outdoors Guide that can add to your adventures but also improve your well-being. Join me to learn more!

Benbulben Forest Walk, Sligo

(Walk Only)

Get ready to check out one of the best trails and walks in Sligo with me. Bring a friend or your family and join me for an incredible adventure exploring Sligo’s best natural locations that will take your breath away. This walk suits all levels with plenty of walkways and trails, with forests, panoramic views of the Wild Atlantic Way, history and heritage, a little Irish Cottage and the majestic Benbulben towering over you.


Let's Go Chasing Waterfalls in Sligo & Leitrim!

Glencar and Devil's Chimney Waterfalls

(Walk Only)

Come with me on an adventure chasing some of Ireland's most famous waterfalls (Glencar Waterfall, Leitrim and Devil's Chimney, Sligo). They will be a trip to remember, one can even flow backwards and is Ireland’s highest. I will show you and explain how nature and wildlife depend on these natural resources and how this beautiful ecosystem connects and thrives. There is so much more to enjoy on this incredible adventure with me. Click to learn more about this amazing walk into nature, you can even step under one of these gushing waterfalls.

Slieve League, Donegal (Hike)

Donegal Slieve League sits majestically on the Wild Atlantic Way. Book this stunning hike up the unreal Slieve League, it has some of Ireland's highest sea cliffs. Slieve League's cliffs are almost 3 times higher than the Cliffs of Moher. You will see the rugged Atlantic Coast in all its glory. Expect to see amazing views over the Atlantic Ocean, amazing valleys, rugged landscapes and breath-taking scenery.  I will tell you stories and educate you about things that will make this place extra special and create an even more special meaning to your memories.


Mount Errigal, Donegal (Hike)

Donegal sitting on the Wild Atlantic Way is famous for its majestic mountains. Book an unforgettable journey with me to Mount Errigal, the tallest peak in County Donegal. You will see amazing views over the Atlantic Ocean, amazing valleys, rugged landscapes and breath-taking scenery. What makes this location and hike special is the spectrum of nature's colours Donegal has to offer especially while you are on the top of this famous mountain looking down. I will tell you stories and educate you about things that will make this place extra special and create an even more special meaning to nature. You won't want to leave this place once you get to the top especially on a hot sunny day with a cup of tea and a nice lunch.

Croagh Patrick Pilgrim Trail Hike, Newport, Mayo (Hike)

Get ready to refresh your body, mind and soul to amazing Mayo. Every corner of Ireland offers spectacular nature and beauty. This is one of my favourite walks and hikes in County Mayo. Thousands of Irish people visit it every year and keep coming back because it is truly one of a kind. You will be inspired and feel like you have accomplished something that has changed you for the better. I will make sure you go home with memories and stories to cherish forever. I put an emphasis on your wellbeing from all aspects. Expect to feel like you have escaped from everything! You will feel like a different person after this one!

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Cong Walk, Pigeon Hole Cave & Ashford Castle, Mayo (Walk Only)

My mission for this trip is to take you on an adventure into nature that makes you feel on top of the world and go home feeling inspired to do it all over again. I try to make sure each trip, like this one, has at least 2-3 iconic sights that are truly unique to the area. In Mayo, you will get to escape and immerse yourself in 3 completely different environments. Cong is popular because it is has preserved old Ireland and is a typical small old-style Irish village where the famous movie The Quiet Man was filmed. There are so many things to see in Cong, I have picked my favourites. For all my trips I am happy to modify and customise to your preferences. Click and we can discuss your unforgettable trip to Mayo.

Abbey Hill, Clare (Hill Walk)

Abbey Hill is a hill located in the very north of County Clare and famous for hiking. This is a massive fossil limestone rock and a barren karst landscape. If you feel like somewhere different and need a nature fix I will bring you to the very place, you will see incredible views out to Galway Bay and into the Burren. Not too far away is The Burren National Park, Aillwee Cave and Corcomore Abbey. I do two trips in this area, book two days with me to go on both tours and earn an enjoyable pint of Guinness in the local pub after.


The Burren, Clare (Hike)

My experience of the Burren is just breathtaking and very different to any place in the world.  The story of the Burren began hundreds of millions of years ago (between 359 and 299 million) when limestone rock was carved out as a result of the earth-shaking, the river delta developed, continents collided and polar ice caps contracted.  What you see today is a vast moon-like grey landscape of limestone full of grey rock etched with crevices, cracks and swirls.  There are views here like you never saw before, with loads of clear water lakes, the Wild Atlantic ocean and a number of counties in the distance.

You will see glacial erratics, carved valleys, granites, flora and fauna and hardy animals that could only survive in this wonder.

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